The Twin Highlights of IBID Expansion During 2015-2016

The IBID David Barzilay group is a proven performer in effecting value based and growth oriented acquisitions. The IBID expansion phenomenon starts and continues on a win-win formula for both the parent and the child company. Besides financial ties, a lot of other success ingredients go into the crystallization of each deal, adding an immense binding quotient within the IBID portfolio.

Here’s how two strategic acquisitions that materialized in the recent past have been sweeping success endeavors.

IBID expansion basics

The funds behind IBID expansion is not very complicated. The techniques adopted are straightforward and result-yielding in the short run itself. Identifying growth prospects and feeding them at the right time and in the right quantum has paid off in every case of IBID expansion. Following are some the frequently visited criteria by the IBID team before they close in on the chosen entity:

  • The unique selling point of the product or service is capable of disrupting the conventional market
  • Realistic and fillable gaps in day-to-day business operations
  • The zeal and drive to innovate, succeed and scale-up
  • A creative and adventure-hungry management team
  • A lot of cashable opportunities in the short run
  • The business lends itself to upgrading and scaling without major negative cultural reflexes

Acquiring Dalberry

Manned by a team of top-notch technical specialists hailing from the global payments industry, Dalberry is the organization that launched a unique product powered by flawless technology, to address and alleviate the pain points of online merchants. With the astounding number and volume of transactions carried out every day on the digital landscape, the trend towards online shopping is at its record high. As a result, online merchants are plagued by payment processing issues. Existing methods have done very little to lessen their woes. Dalberry’s comprehensive online payment solution became a perfect fit for IBID expansion as under:

  • Since the main arteries of business for both the entities flow through the internet domain, gelling together for commercial gain is spontaneous
  • Dalberry’s robust payment solutions are forecasted to be the most sought-after ones by online merchants, as witnessed by the promising reception during the soft launch
  • Merchant-focused payment solutions will be a must-have across different industries irrespective of geographies, product and service offerings and the size of businesses. Hence there is a steady demand for the product, which can be viewed as major facilitating factors for scaling up.
  • The all-new electronic wallet concept will open brighter horizons for Dalberry. IBID expansion will automatically adopt a faster pace with the group planning to invest and leverage product launch efforts.

IBID expansion matrix for Dalberry

The top brass of Dalberry is equally optimistic and confident of the stream of tangible benefits visible in the near future. Co-Founder Juan Santana has remarked that being part of IBID expansion is transformational for Dalberry, in terms of product and commercial expansion. Under the IBID umbrella, Dalberry will be able to derisk its corporate venture. Some of the key intersection areas in the acquisition include:

  • Business Development: As in any corporate acquisition deal, financial intervention in business development is the hinge for any IBID expansion move. After careful assessment of industry-related pros and cons, the strategic management of IBID cemented the financial designs that spell out major terms of partnering business development, including product launch in new markets and inundating existing markets
  • Product Development: Uniqueness of product is the key for scaling up and reaching untapped market segments. IBID expansion thrusts the importance of product development by offering investment in technology. Technology has been the discerning factor in Dalberry’s online solutions, namely, generation of real time management data and comprehensive training on the product for merchants.

IBID expansion in the gaming industry

As a renowned organization in the field of land-based casinos, IBID has taken the right decision by foraying into the trending online gambling sector. The strategic leadership at IBID is fully convinced that the younger generation is inclined to play casinos online rather than waiting in queues over casino tables. At this vantage juncture, Pragmatic Play made its emphatic entry into the IBID portfolio. The reputed provider of mobile and PC based casino games found the acquisition beneficial in every respect. The points of integration include:

  • Acquiring the entire issued capital in Pragmatic Play has been a landmark achievement not only for IBID but for the entire portfolio
  • Delivering spectacular returns for investors, by taking Pragmatic Play and its unique products into the B2C sector
  • Leveraging revenue growth of Pragmatic Play by making solid investments in business development as well as product development
  • Bringing Pragmatic Play into strategic alliance with industry’s choicest content providers which will go well into augmenting quality of products
  • Steering the management towards expertise and excellence, by way of adding up on human capital, especially in the top rungs of the ladder.

Elevating Pragmatic Play to newer frontiers

IBID is on a growth-bound path to widen its existing portfolio of gaming companies. Acquiring companies with high potential for scaling up has been the driver behind IBID strategic acquisitions. The case of Pragmatic Play is a classic example of the same. What sets apart the IBID-Pragmatic Play alliance is that it is mere buying out of shares, but it is a comprehensive growth road map with a strong foresight for contingencies. A multi-pronged approach for wealth maximization is unearthed by looking at the acquisition highlights as under:

  • While the acquisition is all set to break even in the short run, the broader vision is to generate sustainable returns for all stakeholders
  • The commercial success of any acquisition depends on the quality of management team, more importantly during and subsequent to the integration phase. Pragmatic Play employs quality talent which is further fortified by IBID
  • Drawing on its own expertise as well as a team of vibrant management strategists, IBID can play the role of an enabler, enriching and empowering Pragmatic Play to further the interests of both the organizations in the online gaming sector.

Pragmatic Play, which is based in Malta and the Isle of Man, will soon start building its reputation across global markets.