A Look Into the IBID Pragmatic Play Value-Proposition for the E-gaming Sector

As a serial acquirer and an enabler of unidentified and untapped growth potential in organizations, IBID has made spectacular M & A deals so far. One of the key value drivers that has allowed the group to make a grand entry into the field of online gaming is the IBID Pragmatic Play acquisition. The endeavour has been a launchpad for an unsurpassed innings in internet gaming, for an organization that has already blazed a trail in land-based casinos.

Culmination of the acquisition plan

IBID is an investment and development organizations, and has acted as an incubator of bright ideas and unexplored ventures, predominantly in the spectre of information technology. The umbrella organization for acquiring firms and value-adding to their potential, has always been looking out for fresh business opportunities. In Pragmatic Play, the group was able to find:

  • Unlimited growth potential to add to the dynamic portfolio of internet businesses of IBID.
  • A promise of more than 150 captivating desktop and mobile games that for the versatile needs of the present day gaming audiences.
  • Unique talent in content development that leads to qualitative development of each and every game that the organization develops.
  • Business operations that are manned by a team with creative genius, capable of bringing the B2B provider to the threshold of a new horizon in e-game development.

Mastering digital gaming content development

With the successful conceptualization of the acquisition strategy, the well-experienced IBID group wasted no time in setting the wheels in motion. A rigorous implementation action plan followed by a smooth phase of post-merger integration made the deal a landmark success in the acquisition history of IBID. For Pragmatic Play, business development stood multiplied due to unmatched branding opportunities from IBID. Its content development and distribution activities were given an instant boost.

  • As early as 2016 itself, Pragmatic Play signed up with Slots Million for distribution of content across various virtual casinos and subsequently its games were launched on the gaming website of the operator.
  • Malta Gaming Authority has awarded Pragmatic Play with a Class 4 License, which entitles the organization to host as well as manage the operations of various virtual gambling operators.
  • IBID will pitch in with the signing up of various content related deals with first class license holding content providers. This will result in the development of high-end and game-centric content for building up the quality and fun offered by internet based casinos.

The acquihire advantage

The acquisition is not cemented entirely on financial and profitability goals, but also on the successful gelling together of the work cultures of both the organizations. The out-of-box thinkers at Pragmatic Play are also high performers and developers of quality games with unique content. The human engineers at IBID work day and night for furthering the growth potential and triggering business development activities in the forefront.

  • The pool of talent at Pragmatic Play has been a major facilitating factor for the acquisition. IBID believes that it is only intrinsic human talent that can oil the revenue-generating machinery of any business.
  • Post acquisition, both the teams have been able to strike accord and work under a single umbrella, thus resulting in synergy and renewed vigour in internal business operations.
  • IBID will increase the human potential of the group by facilitating fresh infusion talent, especially at the senior management level, thanks to its assertive connections in the industry with regards to land based casinos and its various service providers.

The powerful gaming portfolio of Pragmatic Play

With influential branding opportunities provided by the IBID group, Pragmatic Play stands to add value and potential to its vast gaming portfolio. As a provider of virtual casino games on multiple formats, there is consistency in quality which is very crucial to success.

  • Multifarious gaming variants such as slot games, table games, video poker games, mobile games and many more enticing portfolio additions are offered.
  • Pragmatic Play thus becomes a unique platform that brings together operators, resellers, B2B service and platform providers etc on a dynamic continuum, strengthened by the deal with IBID.
  • IBID offers practical support by investing cash in various spheres of business activities like marketing, content, HR and branding, in order to secure high and stable returns for the investors.

Tailoring a prospective roadmap for internet gaming authority

To claim excellence and build its own brand in virtual gaming sector has been a long time goal for the IBID group that has so far commanded flawless success in the case of M & As with major internet businesses. From the grassroots level, the spark of growth potential is rightly identified by the acquisition managers at IBID. When they see promise in multiple quarters, a growth-bound agreement is entered into. By working hand-in-hand with each other, the IBID Pragmatic Play endeavour,  has been able to effect a major transformation in terms of:

  • Building business opportunities by expanding client network and the possibility of reselling to businesses and selling to end-users as well.
  • Supporting business development by promoting the brand across global arenas in internet gaming that helped in building authoritative market share.

With its dominating presence in Malta and the Isle of Man and a genuine potential to extend its global frontiers, all is well for the acquisition deal to generate meaningful returns. The deal is grounded on both commercial and ethical values, with the masterminds at IBID working tooth and nail to craft expert solutions not only for their portfolio but for the gaming market as a whole.

The IBID Pragmatic Play has been a forerunner to  the selective acquisition moves of the group, resulting gin impressive short-run gains and a consistent ROI for the investors. The move is set to transform Pragmatic Play from a B2B provider of gaming solutions, to a multi-dimensional and growth-poised organization, also venturing into B2C, with synergy and strategy provided by the IBID group.