Insights from the IBID Pragmatic Solutions Acquihire: How to Seal the Deal & Create Value

The nifty neologism, “acquihire” is well defined in merger and acquisition circles. A great milestone in the internet investment sector came about when the IBID Group pioneered the acquihire model in the competitive iGaming industry.

Young companies such as RiverPlay were acquihired by the massive corporate investor. What set apart the IBID Pragmatic Solutions acquihire was the acquisition more for people, as against the processes, products or services. Talent acquisition is the focus of the IBID Pragmatic Solutions acquihire.

Here’s how the IBID acquisitions team focused on creating value and sealing the deal:

  • Acquihires and The Importance of Impact

Acquisitions are not just about procuring the talent. As the IBID Pragmatic Solutions acquihire shows, what you do with the talent is equally important. Producing impact is the key here. Sans clarity or mutual comprehension about the desired impact on both sides, failure is a natural outcome. Acquihires work best when the acquiring firm is committed to a fundamental transformation in how business is done and talent is imported to drive it. This requires innovation from both sides. Leadership teams and freshly acquired talent need to strike the right balance. Such criteria are useful for understanding how to achieve the same degree of success as the IBID Pragmatic Solutions acquihire.

  • Acquihires Are Not About Filling Gaps in Capability

Acquiring talent is not about solving a problem or managing pain points. An acquihire is not a solution to gaps within technical capabilities or even a way to eliminate the intensification of competitive threat. Acquihires are all about transforming the talented team on board and helping the target company to transform into a top performer or sustain the growth momentum. Deals need to be rooted in strategic awareness. The acquihired team needs to build new capabilities as a result of the acquisition.

  • Acquihires Create Value When There is Autonomy

Acquihires desire and want some measure of autonomy. Newly acquihired startups and leadership teams consider themselves as entrepreneurs. Therefore, some degree of independence and sense of control is essential for startups to succeed. Hierarchies and power differentials can only block value creation through an acquihire. Acquihirers and the acquihired company need to agree on on the flexibility the organisation would possess.

Freedom and autonomy are not just a means to attract acquirers; they also represent vital and crucial enterprise values as well. In case the acquihired talent gets the flexibility and freedom legacy colleagues lack, it leads to resentment.

  • Acquihires Involve Strategic Thinking & Change Management

Smart companies and leaders need to think strategically about how acquisitions promote empowerment and greater agility across the enterprise. Successful acquihire targets must have the skills to be able to capitalise on the synergies of the acquihired entity. Clarifying and communicating important changes are critical. When acquihires shift from being a potential to an eventuality, the two partners in the acquihire bond need to ask themselves how they can help each other grow.

The acquired talent must be ready to collaborate and cooperate with the investment group. This forms the essence of the successful IBID Pragmatic Solutions acquisition deal. The importance of meeting corporate performance and protocols cannot be underscored enough.

The legacy team also needs to offer flexible financing, faster regulatory reviews and quicker access to top management.  New cultural, organisational and operational values also come into play.

  • Determining How to Access Talent

The IBID Pragmatic Solutions acquihire affirms the value of talent. Incumbent organisations recognise and acknowledge the need for teams with talent and entrepreneurial flair. The challenges take place when acquired talent successfully impacts enterprises. The cultural values need to be in consonance rather than clashing. Skills and capabilities these talents bring to bear are a source of ongoing growth. The prospect of game changing acquihires has really expanded with this innovative talent acquisition model catching on fast.

  • The Role of the IBID Group

As an internet investment major, with headquarters in London as well as Hong Kong and offices spanning the entire globe, the IBID Group has changed the way business is done. Through the adoption and deployment of the acquihire model, it has spurred world-class internet companies to achieve sustained growth momentum. The IBID Group has brought about a paradigm change and a shift in thinking regarding the way acquihires are executed, with a new emphasis on value creation and cultural alignment.

The goal of the IBID Pragmatic Solutions acquihire, for example, was to rebrand the target company’s erstwhile avatar, River Play and ensure that its scope of services expands still further. Partnering a successful internet investment firm and a serial acquirer such as the IBID Group creates value for the target company as well. It offers the business acquihired a chance to access the most secure and reliable funding for its initiatives and programs. It also gives acquihired brands a chance to be mentored by an experienced and seasoned iGaming investor such as the IBID Group. Each step the IBID Group takes towards the acquihire is characterised by a steady aim to transform the target company for the better.

The acquihire represents a unique and inspiring acquisition model, for companies seeking growth, support and a merger of equals. The target companies work through a synergistic partnership with the IBID Group, focusing on what matters and how to achieve twin objectives of profit and growth. The acquihire is also a positive way to unlock the immense potential of businesses starting out or the brand that seeks to establish itself as a market leader.

Through proactive mentoring, the IBID Group focuses on creating the best environment for the growth of the portfolio company. While nurturing and supporting the growth of the companies, the IBID team also has a hands-on approach that focuses on empowering business to go beyond surviving and think about thriving. All in all, the IBID Group offers a strategic alliance through its acquihire model that gives a business the space and impetus it needs to grow. For aligning with an established corporate brand such as the IBID Group, potential target companies need to display the potential for growth and the momentum to be a real market leader.