IBID Expansion and its Future in the Gaming Industry

The internet focused investment organization IBID commands an aura of expertise and achievement in the gaming industry. With the advent of online casinos providing a whole new dimension to gaming, IBID expansion plans to conquer the online gaming industry are well laid. A glimpse into ambitious plans for gaining market leadership in the gaming industry has been attempted below.

Online casinos offer unparalleled entertainment and a lucrative one too, for the ardent lovers of the casino. The atmosphere and ambience of land based casinos have been rebuilt on the virtual landscape, with quality-checks on the game providers being assured by Government and private watchdog organizations. IBID expansion plans include banking on the sudden spurt in demand by making enriching additions to its gaming portfolio.

The IBID Portfolio

IBID is an investment organization, buying and acquiring stake in various business that show prospective signs of scalability and long term growth potential. Companies in the internet businesses represent a large proportion of the IBID portfolio. IBID expansion strategies in the gaming industry revolve around making value based addition to its gaming portfolio based on the following crucial factors:

  • IBID expansion centers around scalability of its portfolio companies and prospects for departing from status-quo
  • Quality of talent recruited by the company, especially the senior management who are the first-level decision makers
  • Capacity to deliver innovative and genuine products and services, catering to both B2B and B2C sectors
  • Diversity and uniqueness in product and service offerings, wherein investment in terms of capital and technology is made by IBID

The IBID expansion strategies

The vision of IBID is to unlock the long term growth potential of companies and leveraging their operational efficiency. IBID wishes to make significant additions to its gaming portfolio. IBID expansion plans for making inroads in the gaming industry, takes cognizance of the following emerging trends in the online gaming sector:

  • The products and services that will be in demand would include those that target the net savvy younger generation
  • There is an upward trend in the demand for mobile based casino applications
  • IBID expansion surmises also foresee a staunch demand for third-party content providers, to provide a range of games that are quick and yielding for the millenial generation.
  • Seamless and easy games are more on demand when compared to the slow paced analog hardware based casino games
  • Technology is the name of the game and only companies who employ cutting edge technology and are sensible enough to apply them strategically will survive the race to the top. IBID expansion plans involve buying stake in technology based gaming companies.

IBID expansion plan: Acquisition of Pragmatic Play

Recently IBID expansion journey maneuvered in a very positive direction with the acquisition of the leading casino gaming software provider, Pragmatic Play. The company specializes in development of a variety of casino games for desktops and mobile phones. The main factors that formed essence of the deal were:

  • The IBID expansion curve is expected to grow sharper with the gaming industry and transform Pragmatic Play into an elite entity in the gaming industry
  • From its present position of a leading game supplier, IBID expansion plan includes the signing up of strategic partnership for provision of quality gaming content with reputed fellow content providers
  • IBID is hopeful of planting top management talent including senior professionals who are into providing land based casino products. This will result in much needed knowledge transfer.
  • With the Malta gaming authority conferring a class 4 license on Pragmatic Play, IBID expansion plans have reached taken a decisive onward shift in the growth path. The License empowers Pragmatic Play can down handle gaming licenses for its clients in the gaming business.
  • The future of IBID in the gaming industry is bright with Pragmatic Play surging forward to host gaming operations for a number of virtual gambling operators.

Building Technology based online casino products

The IBID expansion plans for gaining dominance in the online gambling industries, include making of many such strategic additions to the gaming portfolio and buying controlling stake in a number of organizations, driven by technology. The importance of technology is brought out by the following factors:

  • The future of digital casinos warrant the introduction of high profit and quicker casino games, which can be made possible only by employing state-of-art-technology
  • Pragmatic Play uses HTML5 technology which is trusted for good performance
  • To make large quantities of data on customer preferences, gaming styles etc. that is lying unused, a concrete framework that focuses on strategic application and qualitative analysis of data, holds the key to emerge as leaders in the gaming industry
  • IBID expansion will bring more products and casino games with quality content, based on innovative technology.

IBID expansion moves to match expectations of younger gamblers

Online casinos are under constant pressure to live up to the expectations of the present and future generation gamblers. The net savvy generation has taken a departure from sitting down at gambling tables and playing slow games of yesteryears. The online gambling scenario is characterized by:

  • Demand for technology driven casino games that can give the ultimate thrill and excitement of the winnings much like other mobile games is growing
  • The future of the gambling industry is with online casinos, since it has been proved beyond doubt that the younger generation is not going to have the time and patience to crowd around slot tables.
  • Pragmatic Play’s recent partnership for content distribution with the renowned online casino company Slots Million will place it in a strategic position with its content being successfully placed in the latter’s website. IBID is confident of making many such strategic positions happen, which will rightly enrich and embolden its expansion in the gaming sector.

IBID hopes to make more such appropriate extensions to its portfolio so that advantages of networking, technology transfer, knowledge transfer can result in synergistic growth for the portfolio companies as well as IBID. The ultimate aim of IBID expansion is to maximize return on investment for its stakeholders by way of obtaining strong presence in the online gaming industry.