David Barzilay Management Tips For Motivating Workforce

Facing a dip in motivation is common. Consistently maintaining high levels of motivation in a workplace can be hard. Top David Barzilay management tips are here to guide your company on how to keep motivation levels consistently high, day in and day out. From Fortune 500 companies to startups, small enterprises, franchises and established players, motivation has an impact on just about everyone in the industry. How do you go about enhancing motivational levels? These David Barzilay management mantras are designed to keep the workforce commitment and engagement levels high.

#1 Recognition: When Acknowledging Skills Builds on Great Work

An important factor in employee motivation is the extent to which hard work is accorded recognition. If employees expend discretionary efforts to yield amazing results, but their work is not acknowledged, commitment levels may falter. Recognizing great work also involves acknowledging how the team’s contribution has a significant impact. Money may be a powerful source of motivation, but encouragement and support are the ultimate motivators when it comes to the David Barzilay management mantra.

#2 Allocate Small Measurable Goals

Demoralization sets in when projects and work assignments appear never ending. Reaching visible milestones is an important indicator that work is making a difference and adding value to the industry and the organization. Clarity in goal setting and tracking progress is essential; so is setting attainable and clear goals that offer additional motivation in reaching important milestones.  

#3 Appreciate Results

Small goals are important because they yield opportunities to appreciate the hard work of the team. Applauding results ensure that contributions make a difference to the movement of the organization forward. This can also make a big difference to the customer experience too.  As David Barzilay, management head and corporate leader at the IBID Group envisions, it is important to give credit where it is due.

#4 Focus on The Target

One of the key ingredients for successful recognition is to stay focused, especially when one aims for higher incentives. Employees need to focus on work as a means to an end and boost their productivity. Maintaining high levels of workplace motivation is important and regular breaks can make a difference. Taking a moment to recalibrate and refresh is critical for staying motivated and ideal for good health. It also improves the focus and helps folks to zone in.  

#5 Through the Looking Glass: When the Big Picture Matters

A large part of comprehending the purpose behind work is to see how it fits into the bigger picture. Motivation can be boosted in the workplace by understanding how the team impacts the larger goals of the organization. Completing the task well creates a feeling of accomplishment which can magnify if the work enables the company to acquire more profits on the path to growth.

#6 Transparency and Accountability: When Clarity Counts

Every work relationship is based on trust. Transparency is one of the best ways to inspire trust and confidence among your team members. A team that trusts you will stay more motivated. Trust insures that all are working with the same information and data is communicated effectively and responsibly for performing the job effectively.  To understand the goals one follows is important, if motivation has to be generated. For employees, understanding commences with accountability and ends with clarity. Without clear goals, transparency loses its power to motivate.

#7 Envisioning and Sharing Positive Outcomes

Professionals across industries practice positive visual imagery and comprehensive planning to achieve success as they envision it. With a clarity in objectives, and a common, shared understanding of how to attain it, sharing the progress is a source of motivation for all.  

#8 Allocate Purpose Driven Work

Millennials are driven by purposeful work. So are other employees. Purpose is a critical factor when it comes to employee motivation and sharing and expressing the purpose. If the work you carry out is impacting clients, the company and the wider industry, it exerts a motivational impact on you.

#9 Autonomy: The Employee In the Driver’s Seat

Loosening the reins and granting autonomy is incredibly motivating. Employees can choose how and when they can get their work done to improve their efficiency and stay motivated. Adhering to deadlines and giving employees the freedom to work in a style that suits them best establishes the fine line between autonomy and control. This David Barzilay management mantra also promotes independent decision making and creativity in the workplace.

#10 Teamwork: Eliminating Egos

Teamwork is one of the most powerful sources of motivation. Seeing the hard work and coming together is a wonderful feeling. When motivation flags, the teammate is there to work through the point onto the next milestone. Peers are the reason employees may just go the whole distance and the extra mile. The work environment, therefore, needs to be restructured to encourage teamwork rather than limiting interactions among employees. If employees are not working together cohesively, the glue that binds the organization is lacking. Peer to peer recognition and rewards can offer a lot of benefits too.  

#11 Offer Consistency of Rewards

Rewarding employees is a rule when it comes to motivation. Managing motivation amidst the workforce means granting the annual bonus or the special recommendation. Boosting motivation consistently over time is possible through the granting of smaller, more consistent rewards.  

#12 Promoting Mindfulness

Employee motivation also means inculcating a mindful attitude towards target attainment and work productivity. Stress is the function of the view of events and ultimately, a fresh perspective can serve as a powerful motivating factor for individuals.

#13 Gamify and Incentivize Employees

Reward performance and the meeting of certain goals. Commitment to tasks is the key here as badges or bonuses cannot measure what employee engagement is all about, involvement can. For CEO David Barzilay, management at the IBID Group and its acquihired companies focuses on creating powerful motivators for employees. Motivating individuals is as important as initiating positive orientation towards a common goal for the team. This can make the difference between good and great performance.

#14 Understanding What Makes Employees Tick

Clocking work performance is not enough. Companies also need to understand that makes employees tick. Respecting personal schedules and discerning goals to invest in professional growth works wonders. Pitting goals and timelines against each other can backfire. So motivate and shed light on what works for employees rather than focusing on just the organization.  

The Key to Motivation=Recognize Strengths, Work on Weaknesses

Ultimately, motivation is not just about cultivating a positive work culture and atmosphere. The final aim is to create a motivational setting where people are able to thrive and capitalize on their strengths as well as work on their limitations. Seeing motivation as a challenge rather than a problem also works well for organizations that want a positive journey on the road to profits, transformation and growth.