David Barzilay Expansion Guide on Motivating Work Teams

People are the main resource of any company. Achieving great results is possible if the levels of motivation are high, not just in individual employees, but across work teams as well. Motivating your staff is essential for continuous organizational growth. Teams are the key to getting important work done. When energy, knowledge and skills of motivated groups of people are concentrated, the team can accomplish the impossible.

This David Barzilay expansion guide focuses on how to motivate work teams post the acquihire. An important milestone in any organization’s success, motivated work teams are the reason top talent chooses to remain with your company. Keeping teams motivated can be challenging. However, it should be prioritized given that the company’s well being is to be secured. Without a team powering it, a business cannot grow.

The David Barzilay expansion team focuses on motivating people on a daily basis in new and innovative ways. A big part of motivating work teams is to make them feel valued and lead them towards a common goal they feel passionate about. Here are the David Barzilay expansion tips for ensuring motivated work teams in the face of an M&A deal:

#1 Give People Their Due

It’s not just about salaries. People at work need their independence as well as the chance to be part of challenging projects. Engaged employees and teams are also unlikely to leave their organization for higher pay. Underpaying people and giving them less opportunities for growth can come in the way of a motivated work team.

#2 Create More Opportunities for Growth

Members of the team will be more motivated if they have the opportunity to learn new skills. The David Barzilay expansion team mentors the IBID portfolio companies to work towards harnessing synergies. The aim is to spread awareness about the trends and technologies in the competitive world of iGaming and equip investee companies to bring about game-changing moves.

#3 Promote Collaboration

Inputs have to be appreciated, if team members have to feel a sense of self worth. Encouraging team members to participate by inviting inputs and suggestions on how to perform better is the key here. Ask questions, listen to view points and implement solutions that are workable. Proactive work teams are more likely to feel engaged.

#4 Don’t Punish Failure

While every organization values success, punishing failure has the capacity to prevent the mistake from turning into a chance for growth. Teamwork is based on encouraging individuals to try again in the face of obstacles. Making mistakes can be positive, if they are treated as learning experiences.

#5 Show Goal Clarity

You need to be clear about which work is a priority and (as importantly) which one is not. As a team, motivation will only come about if the members are set clear goals. Once the goals are known, in terms of their relative priorities and roles in reaching positive outcomes finally, they can set the stage for motivating team members.

#6 Micromanagement is Mismanagement!

Creating power differentials and letting team members feel as if they are being second guessed, can dampen their morale. Micromanaging bosses are a nightmare. Work teams need to be provided clear goals and given the freedom to know how to get there.

#7 Team Building is Vital

For motivating the team, there’s a critical need to achieve common goals through team building activities.  These activities can range from fun and exciting opportunities for professional development to helping team members develop clearer communication skills. Inculcating team values and giving members the chance to solve their own problems can boost independent self starters.

#8 Support Team Mission

Without management support, the work teams at an organization cannot thrive. They need tools for achieving goals that are set for them. Support comes in different forms, and team members can benefit from even information about a project, or in depth training for acquiring new skill sets. The correct balance of immediate and long term support is essential. Tight deadlines will come in the way of flexibility and prevent teams from exploring their innovative side. It is important to provide a supportive and nurturing environment for teams to remain motivated.

#9 Appreciate Top Performers

When the team achieves a goal, they need to be accorded recognition. Appreciation for achieving milestones shows that the organization personally values the team members. Small gestures like a regular thank you or good job can make a big difference, pushing people towards top quality and efficient work ethics.

#10 Share A Vision

Corporate structures change post a merger and the David Barzilay expansion team holds that merging companies need to find new ways to reward and motivate employees, apart from sharing a collective vision. Motivating team members involves uniting them through a powerful vision.

#11 Communicate With Staff

Open and honest channels of communication are a must while motivating work teams post an acquihire. Each communication experience is an opportunity for improving team interaction and discovering new solutions to long standing problems.

#12 Reward Innovation

Each team member will feel empowered by the chance to implement daily tasks as well as new ideas and tap the power of innovation. Giving work teams the chance to take initiative can foster organization-wide innovation.

#13 Challenge Teams

People will not grow if there is a status quo and zero disruption. New skills need to be developed by providing challenging tasks. Tasks need to be reachable and motivating in themselves. Supervision does not mean holding on to each step. It means giving teams the freedom to come up with cutting-edge solutions. Challenging them to think outside the box is much like giving them the opportunity to grow.

#14 Empower Individuals

To believe in the team, individuals need to feel empowered and also have role clarity. They need to understand and realize the potential within. Even creative and self disciplined teams need guidance, which is why the David Barzilay acquihire is followed by active mentoring to bring out the best in the team, and the organization.