How David Barzilay Business Transforms Internet Businesses

When the David Barzilay management business enterprise chooses a startup for collaboration, it is not the plus points alone that are considered, but also those avenues through which funds and expertise can be dispersed. A conventional investor seeks ways to enhance the prevailing structure with a view to a constant return on investments, but the IBID looks for the vision behind the venture and its effective execution.

Whenever IBID goes for an acquisition it seeks to clarify whether the company will be able to generate strategic benefits from it. This means that such benefits resulting from any strategic alliance ought to be obvious prior to the deal to be is signed. Robust and enlightened leadership remains vital in making successful acquisitions and mergers. In a recent survey conducted by Deloitte, the analysts noticed that effectiveness of sound leadership is a core factor in judging the success of a company. This is because  a strong leader is able to influence and motivate others to create synergic relationships. Such a leader should act with reliability, display extreme adaptability, with a focus on the needs of the customers.

Improving Customer Service

There is a surge of consumerism sweeping across the world today and this has made the customer play a leading role in dictating terms and establishing criteria for the appraisal of a company’s products/services. However, for the customer service personnel to function by addressing consumer complaints and queries effectively, the proper technology is essential.

Ironically internet technology has been accused of doing away with the human touch in business transactions. However the reverse is true, at least in the case of the IBID group. This is because it upholds any invention that enables other firms to make certain that all their customers receive friendly services that are smooth and personalized.

Internet technology has brought about what is termed CRM or consumer relationship management. To take advantage of this the David Barzilay management business enterprise has come forth to help firms by offering them wide-ranging packages for better CRM, and this facilitates the following up of potential clients efficiently.

Challenging Bureaucracy

In business as also consumer sectors, the public were made to suffer enormous pain and frustration at the hands of a troublesome bureaucracy in all business processes of the past. Thankfully internet technology has intervened in this process, by doing away with the evils of nepotism, human bias, discrimination from business activities, needless bureaucracy and excessive delays from all walks of life. Since then, all business endeavors has become process-oriented, needing reduced manpower to manage them. Moreover, technology helps in the precise placement of both liabilities as also accountability.

Networking and Connections

For startups acquiring clients can be very difficult. However, technology has come to the rescue by imparting various ways of collaboration much faster thereby enabling companies to be in contact with their target markets. Besides, internet marketing has a viral effect, holding off promotional budgets.

The IBID group is in favor of services that are beneficial to businesses in general to handle all their vendors under one umbrella. A startup subscribing to the group’s services based on technology can effectively hold its clients in a better manner, and get hold of fresh business leads through efficient networking with their third party vendors who can point them towards potential clients.

Internet technology continues to change business activities by helping to enhance product/service quality in B2C as well as B2B sectors. The David Barzilay management has performed its role in facilitating this key transformation. In this way, the IBID Group aims to acquire promising firms to increase its footprint all over the world by investing in forward looking and promising startups with good potential. Here are two prime examples of this transformation:

Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play serves the online casino games providers by creating casino games for desktops and mobile phones, numbering an incredible 150 casino and slot games. IBID acquired Pragmatic Play for a sum yet undisclosed. Such an acquisition is a part of the IBID mantra of going for further acquisitions from among the internet gaming industry. In this way the David Barzilay management group is able to help in distributing Pragmatic Play products to more extensive groups.

IBID proposes to bring Pragmatic Play to the forefront of B2B gaming providers by means of planned partnerships with the elite of licensed content providers, as well as augmenting its higher-ranking management team by hiring more senior level personnel from among the leading providers of brick and mortar gaming products. By this acquisition, IBID hopes to generate significant profits to its investors in a few years as also increasing its market share.


The IBID group has declared its key acquisition of the firm Dalberry, a comprehensive provider of technology for safe online payments. The firm, launched a year ago, has recorded commendable growth. Dalberry is a high growth online payments provider which was launched last year with a mission to help those merchants who are extremely frustrated with the prevailing inept bureaucratic systems. To avoid these systems, it designed a wholly all-inclusive solution, making for a simpler and smoother system and creating dynamic real time management data. This solution combines constant training as also support for these merchants.

IBID aims has come to the rescue of Dalberry and transform it into one of the leading secure online payment companies by enhancing investment for further business development, product development and marketing. It stands to contribute to the company’s general sales strategy by advancing its worldwide network. Moreover, the investment is meant to speed up the growth of the company’s concept of the electronic wallet to 2017.

According to David Barzilay online merchants hanker after improved systems of online payments. And in Dalberry he found a firm that has an awesome product, huge management potential as well as the desire to truly stir the whole industry. He finds Dalberry a likely fit to David Barzilay management portfolio, and hopes to work alongside the management personnel to utilize their expertise, accelerate its development prospects and annexe a major market share.