Achievements Contour of the IBID David Barzilay Group Since 2015

As one of the ace players in the realm of internet business development, The IBID David Barzilay Group brings about a lasting, sustainable and catalytic intervention in the landscape of growth and profitability of their acquired businesses. The following account recapitulates the success journey of the group since its inception in 2015 and the strategic association with its portfolio of companies.

Energizing businesses with strategic acquisition and value addition

Since its incorporation in 2015, the IBID Group has leveraged a net worth of investors by the conceptualization and rigorous implementation of well-calculated business moves and mergers. These acquisitions materialize after analyzing alignment of mission, fitment into portfolio and quantum of value addition that can be brought about from such acquisitions. Once the group identifies the scope and potential of introducing a transformational roadmap for a business, it is taken aboard and is nurtured by:

  • Empowering the management and capacity building with IBID David Barzilay support
  • Expanding capital base by significant cash investments
  • Implementation of high-return, low-risk programs after objective due-diligence
  • Minimizing payback period and ensuring timely returns
  • Scaling-up of operations and guarantee of cost-effective products and services to the market

IBID David Barzilay expands portfolio: The Dalberry acquisition.

The strategic move to acquire Dalberry crystallized in 2016, when the young entrant in technology business disrupted the existing bureaucratic payment processing systems with its fully-automated innovation. In 2015, Dalberry rendered a whole new dimension to the processing woes of merchants who were wading through lot of procedural hiccups in the erstwhile virtual payment arena. What ensued was a careful evaluation and a vantage decision by the IBID Group to bring Dalberry under its umbrella. The move resulted in a win-win for both, and they synced seamlessly. The highlights of the acquisition were:

  • Identification of Dalberry with promising potential for brand placement and market penetration
  • Expert guidance and direction from IBID David Barzilay to target global markets
  • Offering investment, management and technical support on turnkey basis to Dalberry
  • Powering the electronic wallet concept and steering it to launch by 2017
  • Holistic profile and product development with expertise from IBID David Barzilay


Fitment of Dalberry in the diverse IBID David Barzilay portfolio

Dalberry perceives the acquisition as a transformational and commercially sustainable synergy. It is confident that the inking of the acquisition deal will expedite revenue, margins and wealth maximization. IBID David Barzilay assessment of Dalberry resulted in the identification of a profitable niche in the online payments domain. The unique selling point of Dalberry’s product is the generation of real-time actionable management data which automates the payment system for merchants. Merchants received the product after they sensed the much needed departure from inefficient and time consuming maze of payment processing. With corporate de-risking covered by IBID David Barzilay, the coming together is sure to set ripples in global markets. Apart from significant contributions to product design, capital, technology and talent, IBID will boost business development for Dalberry. IBID is keen on making the engagement stronger by working together and holding majority stake in the company. IBID views unlimited potential in the product which can easily gain universal acceptance from merchants inland and foreign.

IBID David Barzilay strikes deal with Pragmatic Play

In yet another strategic and timely business move, IBID subscribed to the entire issued share capital of Pragmatic Play. The company is one of the growing pioneers in the development of mobile and desktop casino games. IBID eyes a sizeable chunk of global gaming markets, especially B2C, as it seals its pact with Pragmatic Play. The move complements IBID’s ambitious roadmap of making diligent additional acquisitions to strengthen its imprints in the gaming industry. Excerpts of the acquisition include:

  • Widening operations by taking product to B2C segments
  • Facilitating partnership with first-class license providers
  • Enriching quality of senior management by attracting talent from land based casinos
  • Leveraging business development and marketing by direct support and expertise from IBID
  • Enhancing the prime mover advantage of Pragmatic Play in being one of the very few suppliers of mobile casino games
  • Building and retaining a loyal market by provision of spam free and genuine product on a consistent basis
  • Launching the product in newer markets as well as appropriate product and technology enhancements to suit global markets

Pragmatic Play plans to reach newer geographies in collaboration with IBID David Barzilay

Pragmatic Play leads the market as provider of state-of-art mobile and desktop compatible casino games. Value is added by use of cutting edge HTML5 technology and user friendly API. IBID identifies large, untapped markets for the unique product and is poised to take Pragmatic Play to unexplored boundaries in the gaming industry. IDBI David Barzilay proposes to augment knowledge and technology transfer by mentoring product and market development. Pragmatic Play stands to benefit with undiluted takeaways from the one of the established and reputed trend setters in the gaming industry, the IBID David Barzilay Group. The partnership will make the product portfolio strong and attractive while the indices of profitability and sustainable growth are leveraged.

The core competency of IBID David Barzilay group lies in unlocking, emboldening and handholding the growth potentials of high performing companies with the zeal and hunger to make it big. Financial support extended is consistent and is capable of turning well-conceived ideas into actionable milestones. Measurability of success is realistic and bias-free, which improves repute among investors and other stakeholders. Community development is ensured by successful implementation of corporate social responsibility initiatives. Commercial viability and scalability prospects are thoroughly vetted and analyzed by top-notch business strategies and enigmatic senior leadership. With more prospective acquisitions further down the line, the Group and its portfolio propose to increase in size, value and outreach. By being selective with acquisitions, IBID David Barzilay places its portfolio companies on the threshold of risk-free and lucrative market leadership, simultaneously ensuring fulfillment of responsibilities towards their employees, the society and the environment.